Saturday, March 31, 2007

Postmodern Deconstruction of Biblical Texts

Dibya Sarkar, an Associated Press writer reports in the Washington Post:

"Dealing a significant blow to Sprint Nextel, the government on Thursday awarded the largest-ever federal telecommunications contract _ a 10-year deal worth up to $48 billion _ to its rivals AT&T, Qwest Communications and Verizon." [...]

"For the winners, Thursday's announcement was perhaps most significant for Qwest, the smallest among them. Suss said Qwest can now leverage its government business to gain more corporate clients."

"Qwest senior vice president Diana Gowen conceded that the Denver-based company has its work cut out for it going up against AT&T and Verizon, but said Qwest's smaller size would make it more agile. "If you want to make it the David and Goliath story, we'll be the David and slay the dragon," she said."

Amen, sister! David slaying that Philistine dragon was always one of my favorite Bible stories. So I'll support you by buying Qwest toothpaste from now on.

(H.T. Taranto.)

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