Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Presidential Pardon is Due

Lying or giving misleading testimony is not a serious offense. Everybody does it. So I believe that President Bush should issue an immediate pardon.

John King of CNN:

"President Clinton will leave office free of the prospect of criminal charges after he admitted Friday that he knowingly gave misleading testimony about his affair with Monica Lewinsky in a 1998 lawsuit."

"Under an agreement with Independent Counsel Robert Ray, Clinton's law license will be suspended for five years and he will pay a $25,000 fine to Arkansas bar officials. He also gave up any claim to repayment of his legal fees in the matter.

Although a pardon of Clinton would come too late to affect the suspension of his law license and the fine would be non-refundable, it would take away the only tarnish from President Clinton's career.

Then President Bush could also pardon 'Scooter' Libby without accusations of partisanship.

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