Saturday, March 03, 2007

Switzerland Prepares for Invasion of Iran

Although spun as a mistake by troops that lost their bearings, I have it on good sources that it was really a training mission for Switzerland's impending invasion of Iran and destruction of its nuclear and military offensive capabilities.

One unnamed source was quoted as saying, "I've always wanted to learn to yodel in Persian and my chalet could use a couple of rugs to spruce it up."

Another said, "We've whupped the bully Liechtenstein, next... Iran."

(H.T. Aaron.)

Breaking Updates:

From Live Journal:

"But what makes this latest incursion different is the rhetoric. Yesterday Kurt (Liechtenstein's army) denounced the Swiss for yet again failing to ratify the Army Knife Proliferation Treaty. "How many different blades do you need on an Army knife?" he asked."

"Meanwhile, in Switzerland, the Toblerone factories have switched production to the extra large family size Toblerone bars after discovering they made excellent tank traps. As one EU minister said, "a chocolate curtain is being erected across Europe. Nothing will be the same any more.""

"Now Liechtenstein have retaliated by placing all Swiss cuckoos under clock arrest."

From Stotting Over... Again:

"Senator Reid and Rep. Pelosi issued a joint statement condemning this action which was the direct result of President Bush’s arrogance and propensity toward preemptive warfare."

From The Nose on Your Face:

"France Surrenders as “Precaution” After Swiss Troops Wander Into Liechtenstein"

Get into your Swiss Army Knife shelters now!

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