Sunday, April 29, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday

I had forgotten Grandpa Jerry's birthday yesterday. This birthday marks his last year of youth. Next comes the advanced AARP status, joining Grandpa John and Grandma Jean; Old coots all.

Life of labor at GM, the U.S. Navy, and return to G.M., but now he works for the Canadians.

As a youth Jerry was somewhat of a shyster. We moved to Janesville when he was seven. In a mere three years he had built a solid reputation:

[April 28] 1958 - Field Training Begins for Janesville Police Officers
On this date field training commenced for 49 members of the Janesville Auxiliary Police Corps, as they accompanied regular officers on their patrols and beats. When their duty assignments required uniforms, they wore helmets, belts, and Civil Defense armbands. The auxiliary cops helped direct traffic, assisted at accidents, took notes on investigations done by official cops and were on the lookout for stolen vehicles. [Source: Janesville Gazette]

I want to give Grandpa Jerry a gift for his birthday, a picture of his favorite celebrity:

Nothing is quite as thrilling as sitting at the controls of a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.

Happy Birthday, Jerry. Don't forget to check your blood pressure.

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