Friday, April 06, 2007

Coulda Been a Contenda

Mona Charen writes in NRO an article titled 'Heart & Sowell, A man who offers us riches.'

[...]"In his new book, A Man of Letters, Sowell has mined his files to offer us keen insights into our nation’s recent history and into the soul of an extraordinary man."[...]

"Dismayed and disgusted as he was by the drift toward bullying, intimidation, and anti-intellectualism that gripped American society and particularly American campuses, Sowell rejected a number of teaching offers at leading universities. In 1969 he wrote, “These are certainly times that are trying Sowell. I finally got my Ph.D. in December, just when it became virtually worthless, with the academic scene being what it is. . . . My best offer came from the University of Wisconsin . . . . I am reliably informed that the militants have already made up their list of ‘Uncle Toms’ among the black faculty there, and it takes very little to qualify. The people who really sicken me are the white liberals who promote and romanticize this kind of thing. . . .“" [...]

"Hats off to an intellectual black belt with a warm and sensitive heart."

Just think... the UW coulda been a contenda in economic and cultural thought not just in 9/11 conspiracy theories.

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