Friday, April 06, 2007

Don't Patriot My Questionism

John Robinson writes in The American Thinker in an article titled, 'Dealing with Leftists who "Support the Troops"'

[...]"I support the troops, just not the mission"[...]

But, don't dare question my patriotism!

Robinson's response:

""Today is Martin Luther King Day" I said, "so lets' take a trip back in time....""

"Then I adopted a Southern drawl that sounded like an uneasy mix of Deliverance and Hee Haw... (I've found that liberals always appreciate a little drama, it makes the truth easier for them to swallow. A little Fosse and they'll believe almost anything.)"

""You know, buddy," I began, "I like Martin Luther King, I do. I think he's a stand up guy. But this whole Civil Rights for blacks thing, that's gotta go. But I still support Martin. Like I said, he's a great guy. I just don't support his mission at all. In fact, I'm going to go down to the Selma City Council and petition to have his marching permits revoked. Because there's been a lot of violence at these marches he's been doing. Dogs and firehoses, you know. People are dying, can't you see! For what? Equality? Freedom? Who cares about that -- I just don't want Martin or anyone else to get hurt. I support Martin. And because I support Martin, we have to cancel these marches.""

"He was shocked."

""I can't believe you're such a racist," he said."

""Who's a racist?" I countered. "I support Martin. I just don't support his mission. Can't I do that? I care about Martin, that's why I want him to come home.""

Not bad at all!

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