Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lance: Now a Member of the MSM?

Back in May, over on the Badger Blog Alliance, Lance wrote:

...the Miami Dwayne Wades having already been knocked out of the NBA playoffs, the Dallas Devin Harrises face the same prospect tonight at the hands of the Golden State Don Nelsons:

Much like the MSM, Lance prints all negativity... neglecting the good Wisconsin things that are happening in the NBA, regardless of its 'New Falluja' image.

Lance failed to report that the San Antonio Michael Finleys are now up on the Utah Jazz, 1-0, in the Western Conference Finals.

C'mon, Lance, report the full story, not just the bad news.

And while you're at it, go to the keyboard and type 100 times, "Dwyane, Dwyane,..." until you learn to spell it correctly.

We wonder what's next for Lance... Is he going to switch parties?


Jib said...

I think you meant Duany Duany, Steve.

Lance Burri said...

Michael Finley is still playing? What is he, like 40?

Steve said...

Yeah, the 34 year old coot starts. For some reason Ginobili likes to come off the bench.

Finley has averaged over 30 minutes per game in these playoffs and 14.5 points.