Friday, June 01, 2007

Nearly Three Years and 1,600 Posts Later

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

This blog spot will have 4 members - John (me), the most intelligent one of the group and the only unabashed liberal; Steve, Lance and Todd. Two of whom are low life conservatives (we won't mention any names) and Todd the war monger (the jury is still out on his political persuasion.)

Hopefully, we can have fun and discuss issues in a frank, rational and unemotional manner! I'm looking forward to it!

posted by Grandpa John @ 8:38 PM

From these humble beginnings, Grandpa John's has steadily and faithfully slid downhill along that proverbial slippery slope. Another debacle to be laid at the feet of that dastardly George W. Bush.


Lance Burri said...

Jumping the gun a little bit there, aren't you, Grandpa?

Steve said...

What?? Me?? I'm shocked, just shocked!