Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pot Pourri

-The boss is on vacation, so for the next couple of weeks, I'm da man! That could mean up to 112 hour work weeks. I'm da man!

-It can be quite amusing to hear how grandchildren address or refer to their grandparents. With Cole, Linda is Gamma Punkin. I am Gampa Doofus. I wonder who taught him that word? I'm still trying to get Lance's & Mari Jo's kids call me their GREAT Uncle Steve.

-Good line: "...the intellectuals in the 1960s advocated “dropping out,” either by going off to live in a commune or getting tenure,..." -Mary Grabar.

-Since William Jefferson, a Democrat Congressman from Louisiana, has been indicted, many Conservative writers have been scoffing at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's 'clean Congress'. A couple of observations must be added, however. Jefferson's corruption actually occurred while the evil Republicans controlled Congress. Back then it was just mainstream behavior. Nancy has reformed him by now. Also, the freezer in which he hid $90,000 was nicknamed 'IRS', a legitimate socio-political commentary; a free speech issue. "Free William Jefferson!" "Let my people go!"

-Someone was trying to tell me the other day that the 'Sausage Races' at Miller Park were rigged. Liar!

-I see that Grandpa John's is getting world-wide readership. The post, To the Shores of Tripoli, got a comment from President Ahmedinajad. Good to hear from him again, but, in reality, it was the same ol'-same ol'.

That somehow reminded me of my basketball officiating days. During breaks in the action, I would commonly tell a nearby heckler that I'd heard all his/her schtick-style from hecklers at nearly every game, so please come up with something really new and clever. One coach from Corpus Christi complained after his player was called for travelling, "But please consider the circumstances preceeding the travel!" He got the next call.

And that somehow reminded me of Major League Baseball. How stupid does it look when a manager comes out to vehemently argue a call? What the hell is that? And how about those bench clearing 'brawls'? I know a couple of hockey players who think that baseball is established and popular enough now to try and start up a men's league.

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