Tuesday, July 03, 2007

George Washington: Hostile & Derogatory

Alan Sears reports on Townhall.com:

Walter Kehowski feels a lot more like celebrating the Fourth of July, now that Thanksgiving is finally behind him. [...]

Kehowski teaches at a community college in Glendale, Arizona. Last fall, on the day before Thanksgiving, he decided, in the spirit of the holiday, to e-mail the other teachers in his district a copy of President George Washington’s brief “Thanksgiving Day Proclamation of 1789.” [...]

Besides, his e-mail contained no editorial comments, no mini-sermons: just the undiluted text of President Washington’s proclamation to the nation. Almost immediately, though, five of his district colleagues filed harassment charges against Kehowski, citing outrage at his "hostile” and "derogatory” message. Kehowski soon found himself on administrative leave, and on notice that his job would be terminated. [...]

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