Friday, August 24, 2007

Packer Fan

I support our Green Bay Packers. Because of this fact, I feel that we should pull them out of the National Football League. Over the many years that they have fought in this civil war, there have been so many that have been injured, some even ending their careers. Others have become drug addicted and many have committed Abu Ghraib style personal fouls. The NFL has become a quagmire, there is no end in sight, and it has been difficult to fill the roster quota with quality players. The financial cost continues to mount. This is money that the state could better use for education, helping the poor, fighting global warming, universal health care, or filling Governor Doyle's personal coffers.

Bring our boys home and redeploy them nearer their families. They could still watch game film and hold conference tele-practices without pads on weekends. They could compete in virtual fantasy football.

The Bears hate us so much due to all the terrible, abusive butt-kickings that we have bestowed upon them over the generations. If we would sit down, talk it out, negotiate, apologize, and pay restitution, they would learn to love us. We would regain the love and respect of the rest of the league as well.

I support our Packers. Bring them home.

Don't you dare call me unpackerotic.

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