Friday, August 24, 2007

Free Mike Vick

Mike Adams must have eaten a late snack at a bad Thai restaurant:

[...]It all started a few nights ago when I had a dream. In the dream I was at a dog fight somewhere in the back woods of Georgia. I’d never been to a dog fight before and I couldn’t believe how brutal it was to see such a thing first hand. One dog started to overtake the other and eventually the other dog just collapsed lifeless there in front of me.[...]

I just sat there for awhile in silence. But then I decided to say something. I turned to the guy next to me and said, “Man, this is brutal. This is the most brutal thing I’ve ever seen.” He said, “Not me. I used to work in an abortion clinic.”

Right away I new what he was talking about. And so did the only feminist who was there watching the dog fight. She must have been overcome by the moral repulsion brought on by her awareness of the contradiction. While dog-fighting was illegal for all, women everywhere enjoyed a constitutional right to abort their children. A dangerous message was being sent and, to her, the course of action was clear.

I also dreamed that before long there was an organized movement to make dog-fighting legal. The feminists were outside of courthouses wearing t-shirts and holding signs that said “Keep your laws off my doggie,” “My doggie, my choice,” and something I couldn’t understand about a case called “Rover v. Wade.”[...]

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