Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bath and Birthday Party

Grandma Linda was always a terror with a camera, taking pictures of everything. Now with digital technology, it has become even worse. Our grandbabies' lives have greater photographic documentation than any humans have ever had before. If I search awhile, I think I could find a picture of Cole's first pile in the potty chair.

Here is Cole taking a bath. At first glance it would appear to be a bubble bath. In reality, however, the bubbles are the consequence of thousands of Colie mini-farts. Cheeky monkey!

Nichole has taught Cole many words of sign language. He used a naughty one and is shown getting his hands washed out with soap.

Morgan has just turned two and is readying to blow out the candle. She had already tested the quality of the cake's frosting.

Morgan's dad is a Minnesota Viking fan, while her mom is a Packer fan. The only suitable compromise were gold pom-poms. I fear that she will eventually suffer severe emotional trauma. Pretending not to hate the Vikings may cause her to be an axe murderer or something. (That's a Dora the Destroya tee shirt she's wearing.)

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