Friday, September 14, 2007

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Bill Steigerwald writes in, How The Swiss Do Health Care:
You never hear it touted by the media but Switzerland uses market forces, not government rules and red tape, to create a private, affordable, high-quality health-care system for its 7.5 million citizens. And it spends 40 percent less per capita than we do.
Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

On its face, of course, the Swiss health-care system appears to be vastly preferable to all others. There is one severe problem with this conclusion, however. These statistics do not take into account the superior hardiness of those bearing Swiss genetic stock. The Swiss just don't need much health care at any price. Swiss Army knives don't even carry warning labels. Nary a one of their sharp, pointy, and toothy widgets have protective covers or 357 pages of safety instruction. It's those foreigners (mostly French) that are driving up the costs that exist there.

Swiss ruggedness is also well documented in the annals of European history. Hitler did not invade Switzerland during WWII knowing that, as he put it, "They'd kick our Aryan patoots all the way to Dusseldorf." Benito Mussolini echoed Adolf's feelings, "We didn't want Italy to end up in the geographic shape of a ballet slipper."

"No one knows that I am really left-handed."

"I've slowed down a step since I've turned 60."

"The landlocked Lake Geneva Nautical Society boat wins the America's Cup... Again."


D said...

Hey Steve

I decided to check out your blog since you have visited my new blog a couple of times.

I never thought of the Swiss people like you pointed out but the Hitler quote is a little scary.

The job search is going ok, I guess. God will open up the door when he is ready.

By the way, how did you find my blog?

Steve Burri said...

Howdy, Darron,

On my blogger profile page I click on 'Janesville' to find other Janesville bloggers who have listed their locations as Janesville.

Did you move here from Minnesota? My first impression was Rockford, but I don't think Rockford has 200,000 people.

D said...

I lived in Rockford from 79 to 99. I then moved to Oklahoma until 05. I missed the Midwest so moved to Madison,didn't want to return to Rockford.

tee bee said...

That dude is hot. What were you saying about the Swiss?