Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bush Sunk My BattleSCHIP

Blue Crab Boulevard outlines the evil of that hater of children, George W. Bushhitler:
Hi, my name's Timmy. My friends the Democrats sent me here to tell you about me and my family and why the Democrats are so good and the Republicans are so evil. You see, my mom and dad work really really hard but they barely make enough to make ends meet. And things are really tough around our house. Dad's always complaining about how expensive everything is.[...]
I am sobbing uncontrollably and can't bear to post the rest. If you have the courage to understand Bush's cruelty you may follow the link.

(Next episode of South Park: Bush Killed Kenny)


Micah Tillman said...

I am shocked and hilaried (which is the the state of experiencing something hilarious -- but as a kind of "you did this to me" thing so I don't have to take the blame for thinking it's actually funny just in case someone who doesn't think it's funny sees that I thought it was funny and gets me in trouble. Got it?).

Steve Burri said...


That's exactly what I was thinking!