Friday, October 19, 2007

I Woke Up & Couldn't Get Back to Sleep
To Finish This Dream

William S. Smith:


[...]Norway's King Harald, whose influence pushed the Nobel Committee to act, defended the Committee saying, "I truly don't believe they realized how frivolous and absurd they had become, how ridiculous, vapid, self-centered and dim-witted they appeared to intelligent people all over the world, how silly, provincial and uninformed they made the people of Norway look, how bizarre, counter-productive and downright dangerous some of their choices had been and how hackneyed and self-righteous their announcements sounded."[...]

With regard to the future awards, the Committee issued the following statement: "In light of the Chinese, Russian, Iranian and North Korean threats, the threats of Islamic terrorists and their state-sponsors, and potential breakdown of states into warring tribal factions, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee believes that the U.S. Military will likely be the recipient of every Nobel Peace Prize for the next thirty to forty years. For that reason, the Committee has disbanded and placed its considerable financial resources into the hands of "the only institution capable of maintaining and enhancing the peace of the world." [...]


WilliamSSmith said...

Thanks for posting my little satire. It helps to know that people read and understand.

Bill Smith

Steve Burri said...


You're welcome and thank you for putting it up. I can envision the same article, with slight alterations, concerning the U.N. as well.