Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Just so everybody understands...

...that's the actual Grandpa John who just had a birthday. Not the Grandpa John's blog.

Yes, there really is a Grandpa John. He's not just some made-up guy like He-Man or Indiana Jones or Ed Garvey.

Grandpa John in the '60s:

Grandpa John in the 70s:

(Kinda looks like a reject from Reno 911, doesn't he?)

All further photos of Grandpa John have been confiscated as a threat to national security.


Steve Burri said...

You mean a threat to national sanity?

Steve Burri said...


Who's who in the picture of you as babies? I'd guess you are on your dad's right and Todd on his left. I would also guess that is you in the second picture as well.

Lance Burri said...

Well, yes, if you mean "right" from the picture's perspective. From the perspective of looking AT the picture, I'm on Dad's left, as you can clearly tell from my happy and outgoing expression. That's Todd on the right, as you can tell from his expression which means either "what the HELL" or "gotta go poopy." Hard to tell the difference.

Or were you making some obscure political reference? That's why Dad's right arm was always bigger than his left, because he had to hold us both over there.

Steve Burri said...

Yeah, I did go by facial expression.

Which one of you is that in the second picture?

Lance Burri said...

That's Todd.