Saturday, October 27, 2007

Megan McArdle

I really like Megan McArdle, who writes for The Economist and has a blog called Asymmetrical Information. So I added her to our blogroll.

A few clips:

The narrative where you pour out of the classroom, tell everyone how wrong they are, and sit back and wait for magic social change is a fantasy cooked up by the Baby Boomers.

The Federal government is like an aircraft carrier: a huge, ponderous weapon that needs a whole lot of special conditions to operate efficiently. People who want everything Federalized do so because they want the "best" weapon trained on the problem. But biggest is not the same as best.

But every time I see some middle class parent prattling about vouchers "destroying" the public schools by "cherry picking" the best students, when they've made damn sure that their own precious little cherries have been plucked out of the failing school systems, I seethe with barely controllable inward rage.

Do not natter about closing the loopholes. Above the complexity level of "Me Urgh! You give Urgh all your acorns!" there is no such thing as a loophole free tax. And come to think of it, I bet Urgh didn't get all the acorns, either.
She does have a curious (to me) dislike of supply side economics, which I'll have to explore. Always good to test those preconceived notions, dontcha know.

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Steve Burri said...

Good catch. She is quite interesting.