Monday, October 29, 2007

'What the Hell is Going on Out There?'

Lately, I've been hearing a lot more of this type of statement from the non-religious agnostics and atheists, but never quite this way. Burt Prelutsky:
Unlike most of the non-religious people I know, I am not opposed to religion. In fact, I tend to prefer believers to agnostics and atheists. They don’t seem to be nearly as self-righteous and self-important. Perhaps it’s unavoidable that if a man doesn’t believe in a superior power, it tends to make him view himself as the center of the universe.
Atheist Dr. Keith Burgess-Jackson has written that he always looks for the 'fish' sign in yellow page ads when looking for some service. Dr. John Ray says similar things as well.

It's those religious agnostics and atheists that always try to give it hell.

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