Monday, October 15, 2007

Suing for Peace

After having a conversation with my younger brother, Jim, I have come to the conclusion that he should take his grievances to court. The company for which he works has run onto hard times and he may soon be laid off. He is, indeed, one paycheck away from living in a cardboard box under some interstate overpass.

Soon to be named as defendant in this litigation asking for $750K is none other than Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Albert Gore, Jr. To my mind, Jim's prospect of winning is a slam dunk.

Former Vice President Gore has been so successful in proving with impeccable science that man-made activity has, in the past, caused devastating climate change. His indefatigable logic has caused the worldwide habit change. Global warming is being defeated by his untiring efforts. Climate change is reversing.

Jim's livelihood is in building generators. Since the reversal of climate change has occurred, there have been virtually no disastrous hurricanes. The sales of generators have plummeted and Baby Brother has been thrown under the bus. Al Gore is as responsible as second hand smoke is in killing off cuddly polar bear cubs.

Until Jim wins his suit or receives a settlement, he will suffer the slings and arrows of the newly discovered Kyoto Syndrome. However, Jim remains optimistic. He knows that, with the modern technologies of cardboard construction and bridge safety, his skill at befriending pigeons, and the probability of another Mother Teresa arising to supply him with gruel, he will be fine. After all, he has told me, it's for the children.

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