Tuesday, February 26, 2008

C-c-can't We All Just Get Along?

(SATIRENEWSSERVICE). American Media Corporation (AMC), publisher of The National Enquirer, today revealed that its Board had voted to terminate the company's agreement to acquire the New York Times. "Because of recent actions by the Times, we no longer believe that the two newspapers represent a strategic fit," said Hildebrand Johnson, Jr., an AMC spokesman in an early morning conference call. "It's over."[...]

According to industry sources, AMC planned to combine the Times' valuable sports and entertainment sections into the National Enquirer while moving the news and opinion sections into another AMC supermarket tabloid publication, The Weekly World News - which Sulzberger once famously called "The New York Times' twin regarding accuracy and relevance".[...]
Rumor has it that Mad Magazine is interested.

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