Friday, March 07, 2008

Left, Right, Behind...Left, Right, BAM!

From some Limey rag:

Britain's first 'Safe Text' street has been created complete with padded lampposts to protect millions of mobile phone users from getting hurt in street accidents while walking and texting.

Around one in ten careless Brits has suffered a "walk 'n text" street injury in the past year through collisions with lampposts, bins and other pedestrians.

In some future time, all cell phones and other such devices will come equipped with proximity alarms, to prevent their users from banging into things. That’ll last until the signals start interfering with pacemakers, or hearing aids, or until the constant tinny alarms disrupt the peace and quiet on suburban streets. Then all such devices will be banned in public places.

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Steve Burri said...

Cell phone air bags!