Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ursus maritimus Fricassee
The Other White Meat

Nick Nichols... Oh, no, you di-uh!
A few weeks back I noted in my column that when times get tough, Americans will stop worrying about whether polar bears have enough ice and start asking whether those white, furry critters are edible. That comment caused quite a stir, and I would like to thank everyone, in particular the folks from Alaska, for the great recipes they forwarded—“Bear Claw Cordon Bleu” for instance.[...]

News coverage of Mr. Lutz’s politically incorrect “crock-of-doo-doo” declaration caused me to wonder just how many American business executives harbor the same opinion about global warming, but are too cowardly to utter the words in public?[...]

It’s time for some business group to create a petition for skeptical corporate executives to sign if they question the validity of manmade global warming. The petition could be called the Crock of Doo-Doo Declaration in honor of Bob Lutz. I would bet good money that someday signatories to the petition will be hailed as business leaders who had the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the eco-evangelists and reject their sermon that to save the planet the economy must be destroyed. If the global warming juggernaut isn’t sidetracked soon, I fear we will all be feasting on Bear Claw Cordon Bleu.

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