Monday, April 07, 2008

Good decisions at the NFL owners' meeting

Missed this last week: NFL owners voted to eliminate the "force-out" rule at their meeting in Palm Beach.

It was a dumb rule. We're well rid of it. Defensive backs are now free to shove receivers just as hard as they want.

I do wonder what happens if a DB catches a receiver on his shoulder and carries him several yards to the sideline.

The owners also decided that "A direct snap from center that goes backward will now be treated as a fumble. Previously, it was ruled a false start."

I had no idea that was the rule. Regardless, that was another dumb rule. That should be a live ball, and now it will be.

And they tabled a proposal to re-seed the playoffs, to allow a wild-card team to host a game against a division winner with a worse record. That will be a dumb decision, if they ever do it. Winning the division has to mean something.

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