Monday, April 14, 2008

Maybe we should stop worrying about the monkeys and the robots…

…and the zombies and the ninjas and the squirrels, and worry about the bedbugs instead.
Kells first encountered a bedbug in about 2000 while working in the pest-control industry in Canada.

He dipped it into insecticide. The beast lived for four days and laid eggs.

“At that point, I knew we were in trouble,” he said.

…“They’re very hardy,” Kells said. “They’re very tough to kill. But they can be killed.”

Heat will kill them, but you have to cook them to 120 degrees.

Cold will kill them. Kells recommends chilling bugs down to minus 10 for 10 days to two weeks to be sure. A British company has developed a minus 108-degree carbon dioxide spray that is supposed to do the trick.

Kells has deprived them of oxygen for up to 24 hours. They’ll still live…

It’s hard to starve them. Bedbugs have been known to survive up to a year without eating.

“These bugs have an ability to conserve water that’s equal to a desert insect,” Kells said.
Hat tip FoxPolitics.


Steve Burri said...

Your Grandma Burri always sent us to bed with, "Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!"

"If I should die before I wake..."

Steve Burri said...

We really didn't have to worry, though. The rats ate all the bed bugs.