Thursday, April 03, 2008

Well there's an April Fool's joke I wish was the truth

KC in the running for naming rights to new Dallas Cowboys stadium

Word has it, that Kimberly Clark, the Fox Valley paper giant that began in Neenah over 100 years ago and in the 80's moved it's corporate headquarters from Neenah to Dallas, is in the running for the naming rights to the Dallas Cowboys brand new billion dollar stadium in Arlington, Texas. That's way too funny. Have the Cowboys lost their minds????? Kimberly Clark IS Wisconsin. Kleenex, Kotex, etc.etc.etc...all Wisconsin originated, and, in spite of the corporate move south,several major manufacturing and product development operations remained in Neenah. So, let's get this straight. When the Packers play Dallas..... at Dallas..... they could be playing at a stadium named after a Wisconsin company whose entire operation originated, develeoped and expanded 35 miles south of Green Bay?? Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Don't they also make toilet paper?

Ah, well. It could've been true.


Jib said...

Kotex Field. Seems like a perfect name.

tee bee said...

Damn. Jib beat me.

What he left out were the new soft, feminine, white outfits for the team, and they would play on a beach with a gentle breeze blowing, and they would feel clean and fresh like a warm summer's day.