Thursday, May 15, 2008


I suspect that Casual Fridays in our secret basement laboratory are a little different than those in other offices. Lab coats, protective aprons, and all the regular safety gear are still required. (Under the lab coats, however, are subject to speculation.)

Casual Fridays in our lab request that teams of scientists, technicians, cafeteria workers, and janitorial engineers attempt to prove extraordinary theories. The only requirement is the use of a working computer model.

This week's place and show ribbon winners were 'The Moon Really is Made of Green Cheese' and 'Dick Cheney Killed Kennedy.' Congratulations to those teams for compiling reams of data that will automatically place them as nominees for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

The winner of our contest, however, is titled 'No Explanation Necessary.' The following charts conclude the 'research' summary:

Superimpose these charts and you will be stunned. The AlGorophiles are right. The Bushhitleristas... bingo!

In 1945, Hitler married Eva Braun and was a 'lame Kraut.' In 2007, Bush married off his daughter, Jenna, and was a 'lame duck.' In both cases, global warming crises were forestalled.

Computers are a wonderful tool, especially when you keep in mind the old geek adage, "GIGO," Garbage In, Gospel Out.

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