Monday, May 19, 2008

Grandpa Jerry-
Pioneer of American Freedoms

Sometimes true American heroes show their mettle even as children. This was the case with Grandpa Jerry.

Somewhere in the vicinity of 1958, while Jerry was in the fourth grade at Hillcrest Elementary, he observed an injustice. Jerry did not silently sit on the sidelines and quietly shake his head. He stepped up on the playground to address the evil without regard to his own personal safety. He spoke the truth to power and called Carolyn Connell to account for her actions. He called her a n*nc*mp**p.

Grandpa Jerry's heroism came at a price. He was severely punished and is still on probation to this very day.

That which cost little Grandpa Jerry his freedom and social status proved to be the spark that began the raging flame of freedom for the rest of humanity. He changed the world.

In an article today on, Burt Prelutsky states,
In a speech that nincompoops compared favorably to the Gettysburg Address,...
with impunity.

Pioneers like little Grandpa Jerry make the world a better place.


tee bee said...

I dare not reflect on what heroism of Steve's will have paved the way for...

Steve Burri said...

Yeah, but the statute of limitations is up on most of 'em.