Friday, May 09, 2008

We Must Elect Barack Obama
& Save American Lives

Burt Prelutsky has changed my thinking about the 2008 Presidential election. We simply must elect Barack Obama in order to preserve America. Not only will hundreds and thousands be saved from violent death in Iraq, but perhaps millions will be spared here in the United States as well.
In my lifetime, I have been aware of just a few cults that attracted major media attention. Mainly, they garnered a lot of ink because all of their members ended up dead. The first was the one led by Jim Jones down in Jonestown. That was the cult that managed to put Kool Aid on the front page. Next was David Koresh and his gang of wackos down in Waco. Third in line was Heaven’s Gate, as big a flop as the movie of the same name. They were the folks who believed that if they dressed all in white and killed themselves, they’d be collected in a spaceship and be flown off to a better place. And who knows? Maybe they were. At least they saved themselves all that packing and standing in line that I associate with space travel. Still, inasmuch as all of these cultists managed to wind up as dead as doornails, it’s hard to see the attraction. These days, we have the biggest cult yet -- the one led by the great and wonderful wizard of Oz, Barack Obama.
If Barack Obama is not elected this fall I fear that the entire next generation, our most brilliant intellectuals, members of the mainstream media, and our most talented Hollywood actors will either drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid or flee to Canada. In the first scenario Big Undertakers will control all American culture. In the second, Canada will declare war.

We must elect Barack Obama in 2008.


HeatherRadish said...

"members of the mainstream media, and our most talented Hollywood actors" all reneged on their promise to flee to Canada in 2000. I don't trust 'em to make good this time...

Steve Burri said...

Yeah, but... yeah, but this time they really, really mean it!