Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

Robert Deyes analyzes probable reasons for the success of a hoax.
Hope, desire and prejudice are the three words that Stephen Jay Gould used to explain why one of the greatest embarrassments of evolutionary biology and anthropology was so widely accepted by some of the most renowned paleontologists of our time- the 1912 hoax of the Piltdown man.
Evolutionary biology has long touted upwardly mobile change over time. Gould explained that hope, desire, and prejudice promoted the hoax.

The audacity of hope, the desire for change, and overcoming prejudice are pillars of the Obama campaign. From henceforth, I dub thee, Senator Barack Obama, 'The Piltdown Man II'.

Not coincidentally, Piltdown is a village located on the continent of Europe.

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tee bee said...

Yeah, but all the NGO-type jobs in Piltdown don't pay squat. And there's little room for a six-figure-attorney wife in the local partnership. Not to mention the boring Eurocracker politics and nightlife.