Saturday, July 26, 2008

Me and Julio

Me and Julio down at the School Yard-- The School Yard Bar and Grill. We wanted to watch President Obama's speech in Berlin and in case we got into a fight we didn't want to break up our own home furniture. Me and Julio are sensitive to our wives that way.

I had the day off since I had worked the weekend. Julio was off since he and his co-workers were tipped off that the INS was raiding his ACORN office.

The afternoon crowd at the School Yard consisted of Julio and me, and only a couple of other older dudes. We surmised that the rest of the world was off greedily seeking selfish lucre and really did not care enough about the world to be informed by Obama's wisdom and grace.

During the speech, Obama mentioned that he was the son of a Kenyan goat herder. In response to this, Julio exclaimed, "Chupacabra!"


"When Obama worked with us at ACORN, he just sucked. Since he is the son of a goat herder, he is a prime candidate for the first documented Chupracabra."

Hans, a German immigrant old-timer sitting near us at the bar laughed and said, "Ich bin ein Chupacabra, a jelly-spined goatsucker!"

As Obama mentioned 'saving the planet' and 'reducing carbon output', I said that we should instead drill now off our coasts and in ANWAR.

Boris, a Russian immigrant old-timer sitting near us at the bar laughed and said, "Vy don't you sell Alaska back to Mother Russia to relieve your national debt. Ve vill drill ANVAR and sell the petrol back to you."

"Wodkas for everybody!"

Boris/Hans ticket, 2008. I'll write them in.

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