Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Democrat Party Poopers

Bruce Walker outlines the paradigm shift that took place within the Democrat Party to transform it from the Party of Harry Truman, Scoop Jackson, and JFK into the Leftism that it expounds today. The short article is titled Forty Years after the Death of a Party and posted on American Thinker.
The principle reason was that a sated generation deprived of God thrashed about for purpose and, finding none, embraced the nihilism of Marxism and loathed the hopeful life that America had given to so many peoples from so many lands. My wife's parents, Holocaust survivors, loved America for the manifest goodness that it was. They understood totalitarianism and then they understood America. Life taught them the nature of good and of evil.
Sated... rejecting God and authority... rebellion and nihilism in a purposeless universe... quest for power. This has become the backbone, the platform of the modern Democrat Party.

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