Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Health Care Crisis

It's no small wonder that there are calls for Universal Government Health Care in the United States.
Monday workers were shocked by the revelation a man sat in the hospital's waiting room for 34 hours without medical help before dying there.1
That's truly outrageous and one can only hope that Senator Obama's plan for Universal Care will come to fruition so that we will be more in line with countries like Canada; more enlightened and civilized.

Of course, Winnipeg is in North Dakota, a red state. It figures.


HeatherRadish said...

I've wondered before why Barack Obama wants to kill Canadians by removing their nearest source of buyable health care.

Al said...

"He hates these Canadians!" as Navin R. Johnson might exclaim.

Lance Burri said...

Al, is it worse that you made the joke, or worse that I understood it?

Al said...

Hard to say. The thing just popped into my head.