Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lance's Law

On September 12th of this year, Lance Burri posted an article titled When the Private Sector Fails, it Means We Need More Government. When the Government Fails, it Means... Nothing. The specific subject of this article was health care, but the principle was universal. A small change to the title becomes Lance's Law of Leftism, 'When the private sector fails, it means we need more government. When the government fails, it means... We need more government.'

The latest failure to be addressed is the Fanny/Freddie debacle; a failure initiated by government and carried through by private with government support. Lance's Law of Leftism states,.. "We need more government!"

Calling all foxes... Calling all foxes... We need henhouse oversight... We need henhouse oversight. Over.

Calling all voters... Calling all voters... Throw the bums out... Throw the bums out. Over.

1 comment:

Al said...

Did you see what the Socialists were saying about the Fred/Fan Bailout? "It's a good start! Now let's take the rest!"

I'm not joking (though I may be quoting someone who was).