Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That Toilet Won't Flush;
Nixon's Plumbers Couldn't Have Stopped this Leak

While out campaigning, a plumber asked Senator Obama, "Your tax plan is gonna tax me more, isn't it?"

Obama replied, “It’s not that I wanna punish your success, I just wanna make sure that everybody behind you, that they have a chance at success, too. I think we need to spread the wealth around.“

The only surprise was Obama's honesty. The plumber, Joe, showed no shock by that answer. As a plumber, he sees this kind of s**t on a regular basis.

I am now more certain than ever before, that an Obama administration will even tax my patience.

But, I would say that Obama should follow his own advice with more consistency.

Since all the polls I have seen show Obama leading McCain; some by double digits, I would suggest that Mr. Obama makes sure that Mr. McCain has a chance at success, too. He should therefore redistribute many of his voters to McCain.


Sam said...

that must be one rich plumber!

Steve Burri said...

Coerced from each according to his ability, kibble to each according to his need.- B.H.O. Marx

Sam said...
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Sam said...

I can't claim to understand that Marx quote, Steve. But I can understand this:

Joe don't pay taxes at all

Steve Burri said...

Obie, Obie... Is the Kool-aid at least tasty?

That's a perfect example of an Obama-style misleading statement; 'Joe don't pay taxes at all'.

Of course, Joe's tax forms were not shown. If Ohio's taxes are so low, (I've already paid three times that in Wisconsin state taxes this year), I should move to Ohio.

Federal forms were not included either. Any Federal liens? What did he have to pay?

C'mon, even Lance (and maybe even Todd) could do much better than that!

Sam said...

Yes, well, the blue Kool-aid just tastes less bitter.

tee bee said...

I snorted milk out my nose when he said wealth. 'Cause plumbers are loaded.