Monday, November 24, 2008

The Real Thanksgiving Story

Award-winning filmmaker Patty Loew:
[...]Unfortunately, Loew says, the whole Thanksgiving story is nothing but myth.

In reality, the Indian tribes living along the Eastern seaboard had been decimated by disease in the years preceding the storied landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

An epidemic of bubonic plague, most likely brought to the New World by European fishermen in 1617, had killed an estimated 90 percent of the Native population by the time the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts.[...]
Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The real scientific reason was that the light skinned northern European fishermen reflected the sun's light and heat causing localized global warming. 90% of the Indians in the area, as well as 100% of the local polar bears and woolly mammoths died.

Apparently, many of the fishermen, all of the Bush clan, also suffered... with sun burns. Archaeologists unearthed a hand-carved stone with the skeleton of one Indian with writing that translated, "Bush fried and Indians died."

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