Friday, December 05, 2008

Missing Link Found

Ptodd finally explained by science.

A fossil of a toothless flying pterosaur, with a body bigger than some family cars, represents the largest of these extinct reptiles ever to be found and has forced the creation of a new genus, scientists announced today.

Pterosaurs ruled the skies 115 million years ago during the dinosaur age. They are often mistaken for dinosaurs.
Bit of a misnomer there: if it was the "dinosaur age," but pterosaurs weren't dinosaurs, then how could they have "ruled the skies?"

But anyway.

The story goes on to say that Mr. Pterodactyl now plans to change his name to Sir Chaoyangopterid, and sue Microsoft for not including his new name in its spell checker.

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Steve Burri said...

Toothless, reptilian, bigger than a car (some of those small 'green' cars, anyway), and gitten' kinda fossilized... yep, that's Ptodd.

Since his fossil is near a different lake he should be dubbed hookersaurus.