Thursday, January 01, 2009

Outback Bowl Observations

As Iowa literally runs over South Carolina, one is left to one's own devices to amuse one's self.

The South Carolina Gamecocks have a quarterback named Smelley and a tailback named Rank. Their kicker is named Succop, pronounced 'suck-up'. It is no wonder they are tough, even though losing.

With names like those, who needs to name your boy Sue?

Am I being politically incorrect and insensitive by making fun of their names? No, it is impossible. Just as Blacks cannot be deemed racist because they are a minority, I cannot be termed insensitive because Khrushchev slammed his shoe on the table screaming, "We will Burri you!" John Wayne even pronounced 'bury' as Burri.

(However, the shoe incident puts us squarely in the George W. Bush genre.)

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