Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keeping Up With the Joneskys-
A Sputnik Redux

The supporters of President Obama are taking a lot of flak over their expectations. One famous Youtube video shows a swooning supporter stating that she no longer had to worry about paying for gas or house payments. During last night's press conference one questioner begged the President to supply her with a car and a house with a kitchen and bathroom.

Many Conservatives are sneering at such notions. In truth, however, these types of actions and expectations are proving that the American Left is really steeped in patriotism.

Remember the Sputnik program. The Soviets launched a satellite in 1957 and America freaked. We were falling behind. In 1962, a part of Sputnik 4 was found in Manitowoc, WI. Our patriotism inspired us to scramble and catch up.

We are in a similar position today while President Obama and the Democrats are the only ones with enough patriotism to do anything about it. Russia had forged ahead and we must catch up. The Proof:
...the audacity to ask the Russian president for a new pet. Nastya Ivliyeva wrote to Dmitry Medvedev's website asking for a guinea pig to go with her existing one...

But attitudes shifted when her parents complained to the president about the officials' behaviour and a newspaper publicised the plight of the girl from Kalitvensky in southern Russia.

The next day, officials called again - but this time to hand over two guinea pigs and a cage...

Last year, Siberian girl Dasha Varfolomeeva, nine, used a TV show to ask leader Vladimir Putin for a dress and a trip to Moscow. She got both.
Patriotism demands that we catch up to the Russians... again. Guinea pigs, dresses, gas, cars, houses, and bailouts... we must outdo those pesky Russians.

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