Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's His Political Party Affiliation?

We often make fun of articles outlining some politician's unseemly action. If it's done by a Republican, that fact is prominent in the title or story. If it's done by a Democrat, that fact is buried or totally absent. Unsurprisingly, the same things also happen when a politician does or says something wise:
Mayor Daley said Wednesday he unloaded four of Chicago’s most valuable assets for a $6 billion mountain of cash, in part, because city employees are clock-watchers who don’t think about the customers.

“They’re not customer-related. They’re gonna leave at 5 o’clock. They’re gonna leave at 4:30 or 4. I’m sorry. We’re on a time clock. They walk out. But, in the private sector, when you have a customer, you’re gonna stay there making sure they’re happy and satisfied,” Daley said.

“We can’t compete with the private sector. The private sector has a complete idea of who your customers are. Government doesn’t have customers. They only have citizens.”...

“You should think outside the box. You can’t ask taxpayers to be taxed more and more,” Daley said.
The article nowhere states Daly's political party.

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