Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Madness-
Inside the Huddle During a Time Out

Amid the raucous noise of the crowd, a whistle blows. The referee signals to stop the clock, makes the 'pat-a-cake' 'roll 'em and roll 'em' signal, and points toward the opponent's goal. Another traveling violation; another turnover.

Coach Obama signals for a time out and gathers his players in a huddle by his team's bench. Even though he has never won a championship that had other competitors, 'Coach O' is touted as the most basketball savvy coach and greatest motivational speaker in the league today.
"Team, we can't continue this turnover-fest and expect to win. Six traveling calls in the last seven trips down the floor. We must change. We must go in a new direction and make some adjustments. Since the rules do not allow for the ball holder to take a step with his pivot foot or allow him to lift his pivot foot before beginning the dribble, we will start doing this: When picking up your dribble take five steps before coming to a stop, passing, or shooting. And before starting your dribble take three full steps. These adjustments will take care of our turnover problems."

"Hands together, fingers forming an 'O.' One, two, three... Hope!"

"Go team, go and get 'em!"
'America's Team,' indeed.

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