Thursday, March 26, 2009

Was that real? Or was it just a dream?

I remember sitting...a number of people, around a table or something. But the table was strange. Uneven somehow.

We were in a restaurant. Something like that. And there was a guy sitting at the end of the table. A guy with a mustache. No, wait, he didn't have a mustache. I can't remember exactly. Seemed like he should have had a mustache, but maybe didn't.

Anyway, he kept saying: "Pick Memphis. Memphis is going to go far. Memphis."


He kept saying that.

I remember now. He did have a mustache, because he looked like a total doofus without it. Him and his brothers all.


Steve Burri said...


I can only assume it was at our Fort Atkinson Burri Summit? I didn't hear the Memphis prediction. After I left?

With mustachioed Grandpa Jerry at one end and mustachioed Grandpa John at the other...

To make your dream a nightmare, just remember... doofus is genetic and increases with each generation.

Lance Burri said...

You mean post-mustachioed Grandpa Jerry.