Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's All the Fuss About?

There seems to be much outrage over CNN's and MSNBC's News hosts and guests referring to attendees of the Tea Parties as 'teabaggers'- 51 times in 13 minutes. At first look, it would appear that likening peaceful protesters to a faddish sex act is a travesty of journalism. However, a deeper, more thoughtful look at the simile shows it to be ultimately accurate.

Although I was not able to attend a Tea Party in person, I supported and appreciated the effort. I, therefore, would be proud if anyone referred to me as a 'teabagger,' especially when they could never honestly refer to a liberal demonstrator or supporter as one.

The bottom line, the statement made, is that these journalists at least recognize that the Right HAS balls, while the Left does not.

Even this Tea Party sign acknowledges vive le difference

I can live with that.

(Enlightenment inspired by disagreement with 'it & 'ette.)

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