Monday, May 11, 2009

Coyotes & Conservatives

DeeDee Correll reports a controversy in a suburb of Denver. The article, published in the L.A. Times, titled To shoot coyotes or shoo them?, contrasts of two techniques for trying to ease the problem of coyotes living within the suburb. One way is to shoot the invading coyotes on sight. The other:
But when he [Jay Tutchton] does see quarry, he doesn't shoot. He tries to stare them down. He charges after them. His mission: Harass the coyotes so they rediscover a sense of fear.
The same dilemma presents itself to the American politcal scene concerning Conservatives that are moving among the general population and beginning to show little fear and increasing in aggressive behavior.

RINO's and a few blue-dog Democrats argue that they should 'stare at them, sneer, mock, angrily yell, and chase them back to their mountain survivalist strongholds. Most, including the Obama Homeland Security Agency, however, feel that the Conservatives should instead be shot and put out of their ignorant misery.

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