Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lessons on McCain's Rule 5 Blogging

I am so disappointed at the quality level of Rule 5 blogging gleaned from The Other McCainosphere. Oh, sure, there were some little cuties, some old timers, and some whose gender remain in question. Apparently, however, McCain lacks the 'million hits' teaching skills truly needed for the unwashed masses of bloggers to succeed. As a winner in life's blogging lottery, he really doesn't really care about the poor little bloggers the way the Democrat bloggers do. He must be Big Business union... N.E.A., AFSCME, or something.

Since his ambitious students, especially Lance, tried awfully hard, and only came up with 2nd tier Rule 5 observations, they only garnered 'participation' ribbons.

I have posted here to show them how to exhibit the pinnacle of Rule 5 blogging for all the learn proper technique:


Wait for it...

Santa stopped in...

But, we didn't leave him cookies...

We left him CHEESE!

Madonna & Guy

Since Rule 5 participants were not privy to the painting's auction, the bidding did not even reach the $25,000 minimum, let alone the expected $35,000+.

Try and top that, Rule 5 wannabees.

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