Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Money to Bern

MSNBC relates the 'buy-Black' experiment:
Couple attempting patronize only African-American-owned businesses
tee bee from the Guide to Midwest Culture links it.

The other tee bee from the Badger Blog Alliance talks about it.

Owen from Boots and Sabers criticizes it.

We Burris say, "Move along, there is nothing new to see here."

We have been buying Swiss since the early 1900's. Switzerland seems to be thriving because of it.

Looking at my Rolex... it's time to go e-mail my banker, eat some chocolates, and complete some 'honey-dos' using my Swiss Army Knife.

My new Mindset Hybrid, Limited Burri Edition
Beer run!

Got a case of Swiss Hanfblute Lager.

The Swiss Queer Beer is too fruity.
Besides, we aren't into identity politics.

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