Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's Birthday Hall of Fame

Happy birthday, Miss Carrie Prejean and you, too, you handsome devil, Grandpa Steve. (as pictured in Liberal daze about Carrie's age.)

John Kasich, the next Governor of Ohio, was born on the very same day as I.

Stevie Wonder

Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis

Dennis Rodman, PhD

Harvey Keitel

UPDATE: No new granddaughter to add to this Hall of Fame list for May 13. She will be delivered tomorrow.


pundette said...

Happy Birthday!!!

You must be one of those guys who improves with age. :D

You've got some pretty fabulous 'birthday buddies.' My husband does, too: Babe Ruth and Ronald Reagan.

tee bee said...

Harvey Keitel scares me. Happy Birthday, Carrie! Did she join the Burris for cake and ice cream?

Steve Burri said...

Thanks, guys.

And Isabella Marie was born today (14th). Third grandbaby this year. She and her mother, Kim, are doing fine.

She's our fifth over all, or more accurately the seventh considering that two were sadly miscarried.