Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Davey Downer

Lileks weighs in on David Letterman's style after the doofus tries to make a joke about Alex Rodriguez impregnating Sarah Palin's (14 year-old) daughter:
...What’s amusing is how unamusing he is in the clip. How sour he seems...

This posture was fresh in ’80; it even had energy. But it paralyzes the heart after a while. You end up an SOB who shows up at the end of the night to reassure that nothing matters. I think he may have invented the posture of Nerd Cool, an aspect so familiar to anyone who reads message boards - the skill at deflating enthusiasm, puncturing passion with a hatpin lobbed from a safe distance. The instinctive unease with the wet messy energy of actual people.
Well, it appears that David Letterman has spawned a parody in caricature.

David Letterman

Debbie Downer-Letterman

(H.T. Ed Driscoll.)

Letterman photo:
Debbie Downer photo:

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