Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pundette Starts 3rd Party

The Create & Save Party

Pundette has gathered together Americans who have proven to be the greatest creators and savers that the world has ever seen. These are real American heroes, easily electable.

We must choose a slate before the 2010 elections. I'm satisfied with my U.S. Representative, Paul Ryan, so that is taken care of.

Lance will have to find a Create & Savior to run against Tammy Baldwin. I suggest that Lance ramp up his Create & Save rhetoric and run. High quality C & S proclamations will go over big in his district which includes Madistan.

For the 2012 Presidential race, I suspect Pundette, the bedrock of the Create & Save Party will be our logical candidate.

Pundette/Palin 2012

Jill and Sarah in D.C.
Creatin', Savin' all that can be.

We will have to vet that 'in the shadows' Pundit fella, however.

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pundette said...

Can't believe I missed this announcement! Check P&P for official statement.