Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grandpa John's Retroscopy

Here's another Grandpa John's Blast from the Past, March 15, 2005:
The Teflon Man, posting on Molten Thought, does some translating/paraphrasing of the Ten Commandments that should really do the trick
Why not take this all the way?

Aren't the Ten Commandments too unhip?

Why not make them a little more 21st century, a Generation Y translation if you will:

1. I am the cool mack daddy of the dope hype flow. Give me props and mad respect.
2. Don't be kneeling for some bling bling.
3. Don't be throwing my name around, be it J. Hovah or Yah Diddy.
4. Yo, Sunday is "funday", ya dig?
5. Respect your moms, your pops, or whoever it was raised you, unless they whack.
6. Thou shalt not bust a cap in someone's ass.
7. Don't be running around on people like they don't know.
8. No five-finger discounts.
9. Don't front.
10. If your neighbor's got a fly crib or a pimped-out set of wheels, that's they bidness, not yours
That should bring everything into the modern for at least a year or two.

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